United Nation’s report paints a slow to non-existent achievement of the SDGs and Vision 2030, is Kenya on the right track?

The United Nations released “The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2024” which paints a bleak picture of how far the planet is in achieving vision 2030. Among its statistics is that only 17 per cent of the SDG targets are on track, nearly half are showing minimal or moderate progress, and progress on over one third … Read more

Moving towards a mature, sustainable supply chain

A supply chain consists of several interconnected stages and activities that ensure the efficient production and delivery of products or services to the end consumer. It begins with suppliers providing raw materials, which manufacturers convert into finished products. These products are stored in warehouses before being distributed through various logistics providers to retailers or directly … Read more

Sustainable Chocolate? Scientists and chocolatiers have pioneered a method that makes Chocolate healthier and sustainable for consumption

Good news for all those with sweet tooth, you can soon enjoy your chocolate without worrying about its environmental impact on the planet. Chocolate, a beloved treat worldwide, has long been criticized for its environmental impact and health concerns. However, recent advancements by scientists have paved the way for a method that makes chocolate not … Read more

The plastic recycling industry in Africa

Recycling is a foundation of sustainability, playing a critical role in reducing waste, conserving resources, and mitigating environmental impacts. In Africa, the recycling industry is growing rapidly, driven by innovative companies dedicated to creating a circular economy. Among these, Dawn to Glow International Limited, a recycling company in Nairobi, Kenya, stands out for its efforts … Read more

How offering incentives for private sector investment in sustainable Infrastructure and services benefits both local government and businesses

Sustainable infrastructure is becoming more and more important to the private sector, both for long-term economic viability and environmental stewardship. Driven by consumer demand, regulatory obligations, and the possibility of cost savings and competitive advantage, businesses in a variety of industries are putting strategies and innovations into place that support sustainability goals.  A lot of … Read more

Deceptive practices: Greenwashing and green hushing in the Sustainability landscape

Greenwashing and green hushing have serious implications for sustainability efforts in Africa. As the region increasingly adopts ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, there is a growing emphasis on transparency and accountability in corporate sustainability practices. Many organizations are committing to the principles of a circular economy, reducing carbon emissions, and implementing robust CSR (Corporate … Read more

The Push for Human Sustainability in Workplaces

In recent years, the concept of sustainability has evolved from focusing solely on environmental issues to encompassing a broader, more holistic approach that includes human sustainability. Human sustainability in workplaces refers to practices that prioritize the well-being, health, and overall quality of life for employees. This shift recognizes that the well-being of employees is integral … Read more

The Double burden of chasing sustainability and economic growth in developing countries

The global imperative to transition to sustainable development is evident, as environmental degradation and climate change threaten the planet’s future. However, for developing countries, this transition comes with a double burden: the need to adopt sustainable practices while simultaneously striving to improve living standards for their populations.   These nations are typically characterized by lower income … Read more

Benefits of voluntary carbon markets

The urgent call to address climate change has led to a myriad of strategies and solutions. Among these, voluntary carbon markets have emerged as a significant tool in the fight against global warming. These markets offer a unique and effective approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders, and driving innovation in … Read more

Africa’s Great Green Wall hindered by financial challenges

Africa’s Great Green Wall, an ambitious initiative aimed at restoring degraded landscapes and stimulating economies across the continent, is currently facing significant financial constraints, making it improbable to meet its 2030 completion goal. This reality was highlighted by Alain Richard Donwahi, president of the most recent UN summit on desertification. Launched in 2007, the project … Read more