Washington visit emphasizes President Ruto’s persistent climate efforts

In a significant diplomatic engagement, President William Ruto recently visited Washington D.C., marking the first African state visit to the White House in a long time since John Kufuor of Ghana in 2008. There, he and President Joe Biden discussed climate action, sustainable development, and debt reforms for African countries, topics that the Kenyan president … Read more

Environmental Tax in Africa: A Progressive Trend or a Perilous Path?

Africa is witnessing a growing interest in environmental taxation among its governments. While these taxes are conceived as tools to combat pressing ecological challenges and foster sustainable development, they are also seen as a means to boost state revenues. From carbon levies to vehicle taxes, governments across the continent are adopting innovative tax strategies that … Read more

Fertilizer and Sustainable Agriculture in Africa: A Controversial Balance

The agricultural sector in Africa has long needed a transformative solution. The continent faces a dual challenge: the urgent necessity to increase food production to combat hunger and ensure food security, and the imperative to adopt sustainable agricultural practices that preserve the environment for future generations. Fertilizers have traditionally been seen as a quick and … Read more

Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways Celebrates International Women in Maritime Day – Business 100 News

  During the celebration, 27 women seafarers from various marine institutes pursuing different degrees in maritime field and some professionals from the field were recognized for their dedication and significant contributions to the maritime industry. These women exemplify the strength and resilience required to thrive in a traditionally male-dominated field, and their achievements are paving … Read more

Kenya’s Plan to Implement Car Tax: The sustainability perspective

Kenya, like many nations worldwide, faces the dual challenge of economic growth and environmental sustainability. With an ambitious plan to raise revenue to fund its budget, the Kenyan government is exploring various tax initiatives, including those targeting vehicle owners. While these proposals hold promise for revenue generation and environmental conservation, they also pose challenges and … Read more

How governments can advance plastic pollution cleanup through innovative solutions and initiatives

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), plastic serves numerous essential purposes, yet our reliance on single-use plastic items has led to profound environmental, social, economic, and health repercussions. Globally, the consumption of single-use plastic products is staggering: an astonishing one million plastic bottles are bought every minute, and up to five trillion plastic … Read more

Career opportunities in sustainability – Africa Sustainability Matters

Today’s business landscape is shifting, with industries continuously considering the environmental, social, and governance impacts of their activities. This shift calls for a corresponding evolution in professionals’ careers to fill the gap left by the growing demand for sustainability professionals. Fortunately, many professions can seamlessly integrate sustainability, enhancing expertise and optimizing previous career paths.  Professionals … Read more

Top sustainability conferences in May 2024

As nations across the continent strive to balance economic growth with environmental stewardship and social equity, the importance of collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing cannot be overstated. In May 2024, Africa plays host to a series of sustainability conferences, each offering a platform for dialogue, innovation, and actionable solutions.  The key question: Which events should … Read more

Partnerships as a way forward for sustainable supply chains

Supply chains serve as the backbone of global commerce, facilitating the movement of goods and services across borders. However, the traditional model of supply chains often comes at a significant cost to the environment and society, with rampant resource depletion, pollution, and social injustices prevalent throughout the supply chain process. In response to these challenges, … Read more