Washington visit emphasizes President Ruto’s persistent climate efforts

In a significant diplomatic engagement, President William Ruto recently visited Washington D.C., marking the first African state visit to the White House in a long time since John Kufuor of Ghana in 2008. There, he and President Joe Biden discussed climate action, sustainable development, and debt reforms for African countries, topics that the Kenyan president … Read more

Career opportunities in sustainability – Africa Sustainability Matters

Today’s business landscape is shifting, with industries continuously considering the environmental, social, and governance impacts of their activities. This shift calls for a corresponding evolution in professionals’ careers to fill the gap left by the growing demand for sustainability professionals. Fortunately, many professions can seamlessly integrate sustainability, enhancing expertise and optimizing previous career paths.  Professionals … Read more

Rising demand for transition metals in Africa could expand green job opportunities

The transition to a net-zero carbon economy is one of the defining challenges of our time, demanding a departure from the status quo towards sustainable alternatives, including the embracing of green technology.  This presents an opportunity for Africa, giving it a chance to leverage its abundant resources of transition metals. These metals—cobalt, lithium, nickel, and … Read more

Sink or swim; How flooding may affect your business

The recent heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding in East Africa have unleashed widespread havoc, profoundly impacting both businesses and individuals alike. From tragic loss of life and property devastation to the disruption of essential operations and the compromising of business viability, the aftermath of these floods has cast a pervasive shadow across the entire region. … Read more

Tanzania pioneers sustainable water management with inaugural green bond

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable finance, Tanzania has launched its first green bond, aimed at bolstering water supply infrastructure and environmental conservation efforts in Tanga and adjacent areas. This milestone financial endeavor is poised to yield manifold advantages, including augmented water production for wider accessibility, bolstered environmental initiatives, fiscal alleviation for the government, and potentially … Read more

Formula 1 Sets pace for sustainability with ambitious environmental goals

Formula 1 has made significant strides in its commitment to sustainability, according to its latest Impact Report, which outlines the sport’s achievements and future goals in line with its comprehensive sustainability strategy. With initiatives spanning from reducing the carbon footprint to promoting diversity and inclusion, Formula 1 is demonstrating how a global sports entity can … Read more