Africa’s Booming ESG Bond Market and the Road Ahead

In recent years, the African financial landscape has seen significant strides in the issuance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) bonds. With the record for ESG bond issuance already shattered in the first two months of 2024, Africa is proving to be a burgeoning frontier for responsible investments. Despite this impressive growth, the scale of … Read more

GRI Launches Global Review of Labor Standards with Public Consultation Period

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) announced today the launch of a comprehensive review of its labor-related standards. This initiative aims to enhance companies’ ability to report on their impacts on workers, thereby improving transparency regarding workplace labor and human rights.  The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards are among the most widely accepted global standards for corporate … Read more

Sustainability and pricing – Africa Sustainability Matters

Companies are awakening to the crucial need to incorporate sustainability into their operations, yet this endeavor is not without its challenges. Achieving sustainability often entails hefty investments, such as product redesigns, equipment upgrades, and process overhauls. Naturally, these transformations come with a substantial financial burden.  These financial costs present a perplexing dilemma for companies. They … Read more

Why does Africa still struggle with food shortage?

World Food Safety Day provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of safe food practices and highlight the efforts being made to ensure food security. The Kenyan government has been at the forefront of carrying out initiatives to combat food waste thereby showcasing the country’s commitment to sustainability and efficient food management.   … Read more

How sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can build brand loyalty in the long run

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are effective instruments for increasing and sustaining brand loyalty. Companies can build a loyal client base by improving their reputation, nurturing emotional ties and ensuring customer happiness. By interacting consistently with their customers and differentiating themselves in the market businesses that focus on sustainability have a better advantage in … Read more

Kenyan businesses redefining waste management thus improving their sustainability efforts

Businesses in Kenya are not only improving their own sustainability but also contributing to broader environmental goals. This collective effort is crucial for creating a more sustainable future and addressing the challenges of waste management and resource efficiency. Businesses in Kenya are increasingly adopting innovative practices to redefine waste management and enhance resource efficiency.  Modern … Read more

How Kenya has advanced in embracing Solar and Wind Power Technology

According to the International Trade Administration, renewable and clean energy sources produce more than 80% of Kenya’s electricity. The largest major contributor is geothermal energy, which has an estimated potential of 10,000 MW. However, it is severely underutilized, with a current installed capacity of less than 863 MW. Despite this, Kenya is the world’s seventh … Read more

How Companies Are Embracing Sustainable Packaging to Combat Plastic Pollution

Companies are increasingly realizing the value of sustainable packaging in the fight against plastic pollution. They are not just lowering their environmental impact, but also responding to rising consumer demand for eco-friendly products. Sustainable packaging is emerging as an important component of corporate responsibility and the worldwide fight against plastic pollution. How are businesses approaching … Read more

Bridging the gender gap with sustainability

In the global quest for sustainability, one significant yet frequently overlooked facet lies in the intersectionality of gender. Gender dynamics wield considerable influence over environmental practices, resource accessibility, and resilience against the impacts of climate change. Acknowledging and tackling these intersections are imperative for attaining genuinely sustainable development. It is crucial to recognize that both … Read more

The gendered impact of unfair working conditions in agriculture

The agricultural industry has long been plagued by persistent labor issues, many of which stem from the informality at the lowest levels of production. This problem is particularly acute when agricultural products are sourced from outgrower farmers who are not directly affiliated with agricultural processing companies. These farmers typically sell their produce to companies through … Read more