Ministry of Tourism participates in Arabian Travel Mart 2024 in Dubai – Business 100 News

  Ministry of Tourism, Government of India is participating in Arabian Travel Mart 2024, being held in Dubai from May 6th to 9th May, 2024. The event marks a significant step in strengthening India’s presence in the Middle East tourism market. Incredible India pavilion was Inaugurated today by Mr. Satish Kumar Sivan, Counsul General of … Read more

CG detains Iranian boat, with six Indians onboard, off Kerala coast – Business 100 News

  The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) detained an Iranian fishing vessel, with six Indian crew, west of Beypore off the coast of Kerala late on May 05, 2024. The swift sea-air coordinated operation involved the ships and aircraft of the ICG. After intercepting the boat, an ICG team boarded the vessel and thoroughly investigated it … Read more

4th Session of India-Ghana Joint Trade Committee held in Accra – Business 100 News

  A seven-member delegation from India led by Additional Secretary, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, Shri Amardeep Singh Bhatia accompanied by High Commissioner of India to Republic of Ghana, Shri Manish Gupta and Economic Adviser, Department of Commerce, Ms. Priya P. Nair held a Joint Trade Committee (JTC) meeting … Read more

യുടിഐ ലാര്‍ജ് & മിഡ്ക്യാപ് ഫണ്ടിന്‍റെ ആസ്തികള്‍ 1980 കോടി രൂപ

    കൊച്ചി: യുടിഐ ലാര്‍ജ് & മിഡ്ക്യാപ് ഫണ്ട് കൈകാര്യം ചെയ്യുന്ന ആകെ ആസ്തികള്‍ 1980 കോടി രൂപ കവിഞ്ഞതായി 2023 ഒക്ടോബര്‍ 31-ലെ കണക്കുകള്‍ ചൂണ്ടിക്കാട്ടുന്നു. പദ്ധതിയുടെ നിക്ഷേപങ്ങളില്‍ 52 ശതമാനം ലാര്‍ജ് ക്യാപ് ഓഹരികളിലും 41 ശതമാനം മിഡ്ക്യാപ് ഓഹരികളിലും ശേഷിക്കുന്നത് സ്മോള്‍ ക്യാപ് ഓഹരികളിലുമാണെന്ന് ഒക്ടോബര്‍ 31-ലെ കണക്കുകള്‍ വ്യക്തമാക്കുന്നു.   എച്ച്ഡിഎഫ്സി ബാങ്ക്, ഐസിഐസിഐ ബാങ്ക്, ഇന്‍ഫോസിസ്, റിലയന്‍സ് ഇന്‍ഡസ്ട്രീസ്, ഫെഡറല്‍ ബാങ്ക്, എല്‍ & ടി, … Read more

Key considerations and next Steps with new climate finance goals

Climate change is inherently a story of injustice. Those who have contributed the least to the crisis often bear the brunt of its impacts due to limited resources and vulnerabilities. Recognizing this reality, governments began addressing the climate crisis in the early 1990s, with wealthier nations committing to lead efforts while supporting developing countries through … Read more

Tanzania pioneers sustainable water management with inaugural green bond

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable finance, Tanzania has launched its first green bond, aimed at bolstering water supply infrastructure and environmental conservation efforts in Tanga and adjacent areas. This milestone financial endeavor is poised to yield manifold advantages, including augmented water production for wider accessibility, bolstered environmental initiatives, fiscal alleviation for the government, and potentially … Read more

Green technology and sustainable agriculture in Africa

Navigating the path to sustainable agriculture in Africa presents both challenges and opportunities. As the global community confronts pressing environmental issues, the African agricultural sector stands at a significant moment. It has the chance to embrace sustainable solutions and flourish amid adversity, or risk perpetuating the status quo and facing the consequences of inaction.  The … Read more

Sustainable governance – Africa Sustainability Matters

Governance serves as the foundation of sustainable living across Africa, shaping policies, investments, and public awareness. In a continent rich with potential, effective governance strategies can pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. Let’s explore how governance can improve and promote sustainable living in Africa, drawing inspiration from relevant examples that showcase the … Read more

Mitigating flooding in Africa needs us to adopt sustainability

In recent years, the alarming escalation in frequency and severity of floods across Africa has illuminated the urgent need for effective flood management strategies. These natural disasters not only claim lives but also cause extensive damage to homes, infrastructure, and economies. Whether it’s along the expansive banks of the Nile in Egypt or the vast … Read more

Formula 1 Sets pace for sustainability with ambitious environmental goals

Formula 1 has made significant strides in its commitment to sustainability, according to its latest Impact Report, which outlines the sport’s achievements and future goals in line with its comprehensive sustainability strategy. With initiatives spanning from reducing the carbon footprint to promoting diversity and inclusion, Formula 1 is demonstrating how a global sports entity can … Read more